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October 16, 2018 — 2 Comments

Hello, I am so sorry that I forgot to do this: my blog has moved to SquareSpace. The address is still Kathrynstransplants.com but this website will not be updated anymore.

The 6th of September.

Well, I am not going mad, nor am I doing the crochet wrong. I did some research online, found the pattern on another website, and discovered there are corrections on there! It would have been nice to have had them upon purchase but at least I have them now.

I have been exhausted all day, because I just could not get to sleep last night until after half past two. I’ve had about half my usual amount of sleep and I cannot cope. Zopiclone tonight.

I couldn’t even try to sleep in because I was at Black Sheep at half nine to have my hair changed. Full bleach, now it is purple with white streaks, although they are not really visible at the moment. If they don’t emerge when I wash it, then I can call and get Adam to lighten sections. We had some good chats today, about pug rehab, hair paint brushes, Bake Off, and we got very nostalgic trying to explain the brilliance of Borders to a member of staff too young to remember it.

That was my whole morning, and this afternoon I took a lot of selfies, then had one of my rest-naps. Came back downstairs about half past three, from which point I have done a blog post and worked on this difficult jumper.

The 7th of September.

I am sleepy again this evening, but that’s alright because it’s down to having Zopiclone last night. Thankfully it worked, and I had a beautifully long sleep.

I stayed in my pyjamas to begin with this morning, and once I’d finished my breakfast and coffee, I went upstairs to try on two dresses I had ordered as potential Christmas dresses. They are the same; one red, one green. Keeping the green one, red going back. Glad to have that sorted. Then I gave my hair a rinse – lots of purple water, but no white streaks have emerged, so I sent Sophie at Black Sheep a message and she’s booked me in for 9.15 in Tuesday morning to have Adam lighten some larger panels.

This afternoon, I’ve just been curled up, cosy in my chair. I watched Coraline, and had a go at the large cable pattern that’s in the complicated jumper. I’ve ordered some finer wool to try to make it properly, and I’m hoping that arrives tomorrow. There are so many knitted patterns that I like – I gave up on knitting a long time ago but I think I could learn to do it. If I do, that could become a dangerous habit. No more space in my wardrobe.


The 4th of September.

How is it I feel so different today? Thank you brain for not completely falling apart.

When I got up, both parents were out, because Daddy had an appointment at the QE to see a liver surgeon about these cysts that have been discovered, and Mommy had gone with him. However, not much came from that because the guy they saw hadn’t been sent the scans so it was not particularly helpful! Sigh.

While they were there, I wrote up a blog post, then continued with the crocheted sleeve of the complicated jumper.

My eye was cooperating with me today, so I felt able to go to the gym without having to douse it in drops constantly. It was really quiet in there, very few youths and nobody who caused offence to my nose with their body spray. You’d think having a lung disease would make it harder for me to smell people but the sensitivity is heightened. Stupid. The only person I did not like was a woman who came and stood next to me in the mats area, passive aggressively staring at the dumbells I was using. I gave them up and moved on because I couldn’t be arsed with that.

Got home, and had to time to get changed, finish the last few rounds of the sleeve, then eat dinner before going out again. Deborah Frances-White is doing a live reading/talk about her book The Guilty Feminist at The Glee, so I am off to that!

The 5th of September.

Oh, I am annoyed because this crochet pattern is stupid and impossible. I have done the first three rounds twice now and it does not make sense. I’m going to have to make a diagram. I’m so confused.

Really tired this morning, because it took me ages to go to sleep, so I have been full of yawns. After breakfast, I started unravelling the cardigan I was doing, and the yarn winder fell and knocked over my water, so we had to take everything off the table and dry it all. I am a wally.

So, once everything was dry and spread out all over the floor, I finished winding the wool, then started the body of the jumper. However, I didn’t get very far before lunch, then we had to go to the QE for me to see Mr. Kolli.

All good there! My eyes are doing well without the steroids (needing them very occasionally is fine) and my pressures have gone back down to 10 and 11 which is vastly improved. My eyelashes are behaving (mainly), so he’s very happy and doesn’t want to see me for four months.

Back home, I had a small coffee to wake myself up a bit, and since then I’ve been doing this stupid crochet. Need to work out what’s going wrong.

The 2nd of September.

What a nothing day.

So much nothing. I am full of yawns. I wrote up a blog post this morning, while watching Sunday Brunch. I think I started my crocheting before lunch? It’s all blurred together. I’m pretty sure I did, because I was on my own, and the only time that has happened was when Grandma was being taken home from church. I had to learn a new stitch (who knew there were stitches left for me to discover?) which was a bit counter-intuitive because you seem to go backwards. Weird.

This afternoon, I have had the tv noise drifting into my ears, while concentrating on my crochet. The amount I have done looks really rather minimal, but I’m trying out a relatively complex jumper pattern using some leftover wool. I’ve done about a quarter of the first sleeve, which has a cable running up it, and I really have to pay attention to what stitches go where because they constantly change. It’s going well, but my brain is tired.

The 3rd of September.

I’ve spent all day trying to distract myself from the fact that it’s a year today since Dean died. I’m really trying not to think about it because I started last night and just ended up sobbing. I didn’t want to do that again.

So I’ve felt kind of numb and sad instead. I thought I might go to the gym, but my left eye has been a problem and that was probably for the best because I don’t know how I would have had a decent session in this condition.

I had three episodes of The Magicians built up on TiVo, so two of those served to take my mind off things, and I carried on with the crochet I started yesterday. Then I went to sit with the two remaining kittens (who I’m really glad were still here) and watch some more House.

I just can’t talk about it. I miss him so much.

The 31st of August.

Today is stupid. The only good thing about it has been when I have been hanging out with the floofs.

I don’t know why. I am really tired, for no particular reason. I spent my morning finally finishing Hank the Dorset Down Sheep, who I had to put on hold because I was making him from a kit, and I ran out of wool. When I lost my wool needle, I ordered a new one from Toft, so at the same time I ordered some wool to finish him. I think I might have done the chains that make his coat two stitches short, but it’s not vastly noticeable if you don’t look too close.

After lunch, I went to the gym, where everything seemed a bit off. I wasn’t as good as usual at things, people kept being where I wanted to be, I kept catching smells in the back of my throat but couldn’t attribute them to specific people…just annoying.

Last night, a family came to see the kittens, and they want Anoushka and Archer. Tonight, a couple are coming, and I just hope they prefer Alissa and Aliyah! They are all so good – there is not one I would not have.

The 1st of September.

Two kittens down, two to go!

The other couple came last night, and they loved Alissa and Aliyah (because how could they not?), so it was decided they would pick them up today.

Didn’t do much this morning, except fill in the kitten paperwork (retrieving the forms was a challenge – two kittens got into the bathroom, so I had to chuck the other two in the cage, then herd the escapees back into their room) and paint my nails.

They weren’t coming until about half three, so after lunch I thought I’d do some crochet and watch a film. I browsed the selection on NowTV and decided on The Bourne Identity. I’ve never seen it and hey, I love a trashy action movie.

They arrived right on time, and I thought it was best if we did the paperwork in the living room, because the kittens would not have let us do it in peace. Once all the forms were filled in, it only took two minutes to get the kittens in their carrier (ensuring they’d got the right ones) and they took them home!

I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon with the other two, watching House, but they really don’t seem to have noticed anything’s different.

The 29th of August.

It has been a day of sitting in uncomfortable chairs – in the car and in the wheelchair. My butt and my back hurt SO MUCH.

Got up, got a blog post done, then got a message from Jo (wife of Russ, transplant patient who came to my gig) telling me they were going to see a recording of a new show, Hypothetical, hosted by Josh and James. Well, as it happened, so were we! What are the chances?

We arrived at Pinewood about half one, and were just about to tuck into our sandwiches in the car when we realised the rest of the people in the car park were leaving their vehicles to form a queue, so put the food away and got over there.

We had got there with plenty of time to spare, and because of the wheelchair, we got wristbands 1 and 2. Guaranteed good spots! Russ and Jo eventually turned up, and I was worried they wouldn’t get in, but they did, just. We sat and waited in a large marquee, until we were called to move to the studio. It is a huge place, and you really need to know where you are going because it would be so easy to get lost. We were put on the end of the second row, so I’ll probably be caught on camera at some point. Hopefully I don’t look ridiculous/terrible.

I can’t say too much about the show, but it was a lovely surprise to see Kiri, Suzi and Nish as guests, and at the end we had hugs. It’s a really fun show; I’m sure it’ll do really well.

Drove home. Two hours. Loads of pain.

The 30th of August.

Fuck, I’m wearing a knitted top and a cardigan but I am still cold. Yet when I was outside today, I was really quite toasty! Does not make sense.

I have had a very nice day! This morning, I wrote about yesterday, then played with the new floofs. I got a call from the new homing officer, Deb, on Tuesday night, telling me about two couples who both want two kittens, so this morning I spoke to both of them, and I have viewings this evening and tomorrow!

This afternoon, I went to Yorks to meet Sophie for coffee and cake and to give her the crocheted Max. We sat for nearly two and a half hours, talking about what we’re both doing now, the British university/education system, politics, Bake Off, people from school, the way we are glad we are not at school now…we could have gone on! But now I know she is here four days a week, we will hopefully do it again, because it was delightful.


The 27th of August.

I am less cold today because I am wearing thermal socks and fleecey leggings and a massive cardigan. I even plugged my electric blanket back in last night and got out warm pyjamas. Summer is gone.

This morning, I wrote up a blog post, then washed my hair because I realised I couldn’t remember when the last time I did it was. Whoops. That is the problem when your hair doesn’t really get greasy – you can’t tell when it really needs washing. Anyway, then I got to work on the cuff of the second bootie.

Beans on toast for lunch, then I finished season 5 of House and the aforementioned bootie. I spent the rest of my afternoon watching Divergent, which I recorded last night, and made a small baby hat to go with the small baby booties. Still got some wool left over, so carried on with the blanket I was making before.

I got a text from Louise, and apparently Dolly is settling in really well! She’s already come out, is exploring, has allowed a stroke and even done some purrs! I am the best cat whisperer. Now, time for new floofs!

The 28th of August.

Ahh the new kitties are so much fun. Shaki brought them last night, and they raced around, exploring and climbing and playing, not staying still for long enough for me take any photos.

This morning, I got a chance to do that. Well, I watched episodes 5 and 6 of Sharp Objects, and as the kittens ran around, I grabbed them one at a time for photos. They were too wriggly and excited to want to sit still for long though.

After lunch, Daddy took me to the gym, and I had a really good session. No bothersome youths, just two girls at the end who had excessive amounts of floral body spray which caught in the back of my throat. Bleah.

When I got home, I went back in to see the floofs who’d had a nap and calmed down a bit. We’ve got Archer, who is black with a pointy little face, then Alissa, a really dark tortie, Aliyah, a normal tortie, and Anoushka, a dilute tortie (grey, pale ginger and white). Aliyah and Archer are my favourites so far, because they are the best at enjoying being petted. Archer even fell asleep on my lap, purring away. So cute.

Bake Off tonight! So good.

The 25th of August.

Well, they went to London, and are on their way back with a Mommy feeling less than great. Going to have to keep my “I told you so”s to myself.

So it’s been just me and Dolly all day, on her last day here. She hasn’t been great company, just sleeping. This morning, I wrote up a blog post and watched Romesh on Saturday Kitchen. Grandma rang to find out how Mommy was, but it’s hard to tell her when she refuses to wear her hearing aid and you have to shout the same thing multiple times. I think she got the gist.

This afternoon, I’ve been crocheting and watching House. I was doing another blanket with some baby wool, but that seemed a bit boring and so I’ve abandoned that and made the first part of a pair of booties instead. I think they will be cute.

I had a delivery from ASOS of a couple of gym vests and dresses, so I went upstairs to try them on. I then spent an hour clearing out a section of my wardrobe. I had loads of magazines in there that I’m never going to read again and my space is better used housing clothes in an organised fashion. I found a magazine in there called Hello Mr. which was part of a stack subscription and not only is it a magazine for gay men, but there was a piece in it about a young man with Ewing’s Sarcoma. In nine days it’ll be a year since Dean died but I still find him everywhere.

The 26th of August.

Fuck, I am so cold. I can feel that my toes are cold, which means it is bad.

The day has mainly revolved around Dolly. After I’d had my breakfast and coffee, I went to sit with her to try to make us doing stuff in there in a morning seem normal. She slept under the chair for a bit, then came out and pretended to be my best friend, having all the pets and purring. However, no matter how gently and nicely we tried with tasty food in the carrier, she would not go inside. We started the chasing game, and ended up with her in the corner behind the tv. I got Daddy, who put his giant gardening gauntlets on and managed to pick her up, put her in the carrier and shut the door!

Picked up all the paperwork, put on shoes and off we went to Solihull. We got there and let her out, and she ran under their computer table. We filled in what was left of the forms, and they gave me some presents from DisneyWorld! After lots of chat, we did eventually leave. They’ll look after her.

Back home, I ate the doughnut Christine sent back from London (yum), then I put on a warmer jumper and a blanket and I’m still freezing. I hate the weather.